Your sex life is not coordinated, a lot of pressure?

Not confident and dare not go beyond “third base” with female?

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Grizzly Jr.

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–Device *1

–Electrode Pad *1

–Container *1

–USB Charging Cable *1

–Gel Pad *1(up to 20 uses)

–User Manual *1

– Only ship to

United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Please place your Gel pad back into the container after use to preserve its moisture.

  • Free Shipment
  • Secure your privacy with unobtrusive privacy packaging
  • Light and Handy
  • Cleanable, magnetic release electrode pad
  • Comfortable gel contact
  • USB rechargeable
  • Safety detection

Influence of Glans Sensitivity

–Uncontrolled ejaculation before sexual penetration or within 2 minutes of penetration is commonly known as premature ejaculation.

Clinical experience shows that the more Dorsal Penile Nerves found on male genitals, the more likely to have premature ejaculation due to excessive sensibility.

Through training we can reduce sexual stimulation and delay ejaculation, hence extend duration of intercourse.

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Still debating on applying cream, taking medication, or chemical spray?

Are you really willing to use these unknown agents (natural plant extracts) on your reproductive organ?

–You should try this painless and imperceptible physical interference pad for a few seconds, in exchange for manhood and confidence in bed.


Q & A

   Trust us.

Q: Is it required to have a big genital to make girls happy? I am not sure whether to purchase those medication and booster online?

A: Proper intercourse time and skills is the best weapon. Learn to control and allow more time to meet a woman’s orgasm, together with changing posture and you will be the master in bed

Q: Is the size more important or the time more important for those male porn-stars in the film?

A: Basically, regardless of size, these male stars have only one thing in common, and that is the sexual intercourse time is very long…, much longer than their genitals

Q: Those delay spray/liquid and Indian oil on the market, do they work?

A: The mechanism of ejaculation is, your brain signaling satisfaction after accumulation of sexual stimulus (genital stimulus), and the signal triggers your body reactions. The claimed “pure natural” products (Indian oil, delay liquid), of course, are no better than medical grade skin anesthetics. For anesthetic you must wear condoms, and may have adverse effect when your partner accidentally gets the chemical and the pleasure feeling is decreased. Grizzly Jr. is physical long-term interference, which do not require wearing condom neither applying cream, so pleasure feeling is intact.

Q:What is the principle of Grizzly Jr.?

A : Grizzly Jr. is a training device, can physically interfere with Dorsal Penis Nerve. So you can slowly master control over climax time.


Simple and Easy.


The gel was determined to bind to the pad. Firstly, show your harder genital out and slightly clean the surface. Attached to the genital gently.


Place the device through the magnetic design, a simple and quick installation on the pad. Push the button. Vibration and light will promptly to start. Remove when the light off.

step 3

After removing your training kit, congratulation on becoming a master. Wish you have full energy charge up.


Everything just becomes better.

team image
Own training, longer influence time
For a good performance tonight, ointment preparation is required in advance but can not go to toilet. Fortunately, there is a new training kit to train in advance at noon, where a good show can be perform in the evening.
team image
Only required fifteen seconds use of time
Tonight, protection is not require but afraid too sensitive. Fortunately, there is a new training kit to train in advance for only fifteen seconds, as a result at night, can keep the dignity of man.
team image
You can train the length of sex time
Tonight will be a long battle night. Fortunately, I got this new training kit to train in advance for fifteen seconds, as a result at night, can transform into a godlike machine.

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